Help save the @Moxie_Cinema (Springfield’s only independent movie theater).

From the Moxie:
We need your help. Movie distributors will stop making 35mm film prints in 2013. That means we need to buy two pricey new digital projectors. To this end, we need to raise $160,000 over the next six months and we start today with a 44 day s print at a new fundraising website called Built locally by Marlin with support from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, this Kickstarter-like site helps non-profits like us raise money for specific projects. Please share this with anyone you think loves what we do and wants to support us. We need YOU to cause some momentum to keep our screens from going dark.

Cause Momentum: Help Save the Moxie

That link came up with “Project Not Found” but it’s right there on the page. For those too lazy to make that second click, maybe this will work: